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my name is david.

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator specializing in branding, identity, marketing and visual problem-solving.

Some companies I’ve worked for include:

Work Station


at Amazon...

I worked for Amazon Web Services as the lead graphic designer in charge of the Training and Certification branch of the business. There, I creating branded marketing materials to sell instructional content and credentials for Amazon's cloud computing platform and services.


... guided the company through 2 rebrandings ...


... and oversaw numerous design campaigns.

re:Invent 2017 Certification Theme

Every year, thousands of tech professionals go to Las Vegas to participate in re:Invent, AWS’s largest tech summit. Those who hold AWS Certifications are given unique merchandise themed for that year. I developed and produced “TraCer” the Training and Certification robot for t-shirt, stickers, and digital usage at the Certification lounge.

Here's a few additional Amazon designs for the road ...

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