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TuSimple Domain Controller (TDC) Landing Page

While working as a senior graphic designer at TuSimple, I was tasked with developing an interactive and engaging landing page showcasing the features and capabilities of the new proprietary automotive domain controller. This hardware interfaces with the trucking systems to allow many different levels of autonomous safety processes to run, assisting drivers at the lower levels and eventually leading to drive-out operations.

I crafted the narrative experience of the site and the web interactions as well as utilizing seamless 3D animation transition renders of the device in order to highlight its design and features more directly.

Initial Design Direction

Below are the original conceptual wireframes for each of the landing page feature modules, which were intended to outline the web interactions and how a user might browse each of the features.

The first section is designed to scroll-lock the screen to allow the left section to animate, zooming into the hardware chip featured inside the circuit board, then begin to build the software platform overlays to explain what comes installed on the device.

Next, safety function shows both the physical safety features, as well as showing a grid overlay to imply the digital safety and cybersecurity features.

The last interactive section cycles through the 3D animations intended to illustrate the reliability testing that has been done on the device to ensure its longevity in the often-harsh environment of a moving freight vehicle.


Social Media Video

I also incorporated the animation into short videos for use on social media advertising the product. Here is the storyboard used to pitch the progression of the animation and test it for timing.

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