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AWS Training & Certification Brand Ecosystem

As the lead graphic designer for the Amazon Web Services Training & Certification Product Marketing Team, my role was to develop and manage a cohesive sub-brand under the AWS brand ecosystem that felt unique and showcased the growing offerings and benefits their the training content.

Not only did I develop thousands of brand assets, (such as e-mail banners, website layouts, promotional items, event posters, web UI
designs, interactive e-book, paid social advertisements, infographics and motion graphics) but I built a brand strategy and design process and repository to distribute them across the organization. This includes a complete redesign that was necessary when Amazon wanted to introduce the Amazon "smile" element to all its sub-brands.

AWS Brand Guidelines Preview
Screen Shot 2024-06-11 at 2.49.44 PM.png

... guided the company through 2 rebrandings ...


Slide to see before and after rebranding

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