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Ideas brought to life:


Few graphic designers also have the talent to generate characters, scenes, or environments completely from scratch with a pencil or paint brush. My skill and passion for hand-drawn art started in grade school with a sketchbook and has taken me down countless avenues. I've drawn 3-minute caricatures in public beneath the Space Needle or for private engagement. I've done character & environmental concept art for video games. I've painted murals & designed pixel art. I can't wait to see what creative project you'll bring me next.


Vector Artwork

There is something uniquely satisfying about generating a design that is built to be perfect. Vector art uses clean lines, gradients, typography, and visual effects to create stunning artwork that can be exported at any size and at any resolution. All designs are created using Adobe Illustrator and are built to be customizable for any purpose and adaptable to any digital environment.


Character Concept Art

My major passion lies in video games & graphic novels, thus I'm drawn to creating unique & dynamic characters as concept art. Useful in a variety of applications, character concept art can shape a project's aesthetic, narrative, direction, or tone. I love exploring design directions and want to bring your idea or concept to life!


Hand-Drawn Caricatures

I've had over 6 years of experience drawing live caricatures with the company Over the Line Art in Seattle. Caricatures, or exaggerated portraits, are a fantastic way to spice up any social event. I'm capable of rendering a likeness in 3-minutes flat, all while cracking jokes. I'm available for private commission or hourly events.


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